Inversion Release Date Announced

The gravity defying third person shooter from Saber Interactive looks good to go, with the release date having just been announced as 8th June (5th June for North America – shocker).  Published by Namco Bandai, Inversion presents a breakaway challenge from the more traditional shooter territory, with players required to master the forces of gravity in order to progress, using it to create movable cover and even use enemies as projectiles – an effective defensive and offensive tool for some unique action.

The game follows the plight of Davis Russel who lost his wife when aliens decided to swing by Earth for a fuck-up-your-planet party, and is now on the hunt for his missing daughter, and from what we got to see at Gamescom last year, it looks to be a pretty absorbing title.  One to look out for to stave off the incoming Summer blues.

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