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As you may have read, some time ago, we detailed the worthy campaign to get games music, quite rightly, recognised in the annual Classic FM Hall of Fame.  With film scores already accepted and given air time alongside some of the greats, our argument (and that of many others) was “why not games too?”  The medium of video games has grown and matured considerably and some of the epic pieces that can be so taken for granted by those who play are often breathtakingly complex and beautiful, with the ability to perfectly evoke emotion or wring tension from a scene.  Whether you notice the score as a gamer or not, it is there… and you’d sure as hell notice it if it were gone.

Those sweeping shots of an epic city or dramatic field of battle, those final moments where a character breathes their last, falls in love, or claims victory would all lose impact and emotion, were it not for the score – just as in film.  There are, of course, some truly outstanding pieces of music in gaming and to have them recognised by Classic FM would go a long way to not only benefiting video game music, but towards the general acceptance of gaming in general, given how the hobby is still viewed by the mainstream today.

So to lend your support to the campaign before it is too late, pitch and and help by voting over at Classic FM Hall of Fame where you can cast your stone into the pit for your three fave pieces of orchestral gaming music.  Also, lend the official Facebook page some love and help spread the word for this worthy cause.  Whether you are a music fan or not, or are one of those unmentionable people who party chats over every piece of audio in their games, think of it as helping the mainstream become more accepting of the hobby you love, as much as anything else.

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