Borderlands 2 Release Date Announced

There are a few of us here at GLHQ who have more than a passing interest in Borderlands 2, having played the original to death and back again, so the announcement of the game’s release date quickened pulses and got us more hyper than Meat Popsicle on Haribo.  Yep, our fave weapontastic sexy cel-shaded shooter will be seeing an 18th September release and to accompany the news comes a kicking new trailer. As detailed in our full preview, the game features four new characters, new environments, skills, and enemies, along with about a gazillion more weapons, ripe for taking on Handsome Jack and the corrupt Hyperion corporation.

And it gets better because Gearbox have also given details of the pre-order bonuses on offer, thanks to access to the Borderlands 2 premiere club, which allows players to download the  following:

  • Gearbox Gun Pack – A collection of unique guns
  • Golden Key – In-game item used to unlock a rarity in the Golden Sanctuary loot chest
  • Vault Hunter’s Relic – In-game item to boost your gear hunting fortune

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