Far Cry 3 New Tasty Screens

It comes to something when you can’t worry about that blissful looking holiday island you’ve booked onto going to shit before you’ve even unpacked.  Alas, that is one of the perils of gaming, to which  Dead Island, Crysis, and Far Cry can certainly attest.  Bug spray and bottled water?  SMG and rocket launcher more like.  Yes, Far Cry, as we know, is back for a third outing, with more tropical mayhem up its sleeve than a choir, a boy with glasses, and a beleaguered lad called Ralph.  This time we inhabit the sandy togs of Jason Brody, stranded on a mysterious island where a smoke monster, a polar bear and… oh wait.  Okay… where he struggles to survive against a backdrop of violence in what turns out to be a somewhat savage paradise.  Where’s that conch when you need it?

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