Sims 3 Lunar Lakes World Launches

Just when you thought it was safe to put your wallet away, EA have announced that The Sims 3 Lunar Lakes is now available for download from their online store.  Rather than being an expansion or stuff pack, however, Lunar Lakes is an extra ‘world’ in the same vein as former releases, Barnacle Bay and Hidden Springs.  We took a look at Barnacle Bay waaay back and weren’t overly impressed with the theming to be honest, but from the looks of the screenies for Lunar Lakes, more effort appears to have been made here, with some impressive and bizarre looking scenery.

The story behind Lunar Lakes is that pioneering Sims had settled on a new planet generations before, but in true Ray Bradbury style, something went wrong and they couldn’t get home.  Yes, their spaceship was knackered so they had to settle down and buld a new life.  And they’ve been busy, with Lunar Lakes boasting schools, proper roads (hate to think what the roadkill is like), businesses, etc.  Not only are key Sim structures, such as the science lab, present, but there are subterranean dwellings and a number of mysteries to be found, along with some new crystals and fruit for the more collect-happy players.

Given the more in-depth theming this time out, we are actually quite impressed with the look of Lunar Lakes… but we somehow suspect that the price (usually notoriously high on the Sims Store) will dampen that enthusiasm somewhat.  Still, check out the mega gallery below for more details…

Update: Wow.  It seems that Lunar Lakes comes in at a whopping 2400 Sim Points (2200 at the moment thanks to being on sale).  If you want to equate that to real world money here goes.  You can’t buy blocks of points lower than 1000 (£6.00).  So unless you have an extra 450 odd points loose in your account for a rainy day, you’ll be looking at snagging 3000 to cover the awkward price.  That comes out at an eye watering £18.00 for the whole thing.  Fuck that, we’ll stick with Sunset Valley.

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  1. Julie says:

    How much is Lunar Lakes and do i need any of the previous games to download it? (besides the first sims 3 disc)

  2. Lorna Lorna says:

    Hi Julie. Lunar Lakes is a whopping 2400 sim points usually, but is currently on sale for 2200. Unless you have some spare points in your account, you’ll be looking at spending 3000 points, which equals a rather expensive £18.00. I suspect that you don’t need any of the other expansions to download it, most content doesn’t, but it is always worth reading up on the product page and perhaps emailing customer support, just to be sure, especially in light of how expensive it is!

  3. Chantene says:

    Hi, I have bought Lunar Lakes at 2200 sim points. I live in South Africa but now I’m trying to download it and it gives me a message saying that it is not available now, try again later. Can any one perhaps help me.

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