Deep Black: Reloaded Gets Release Date

In space, no one can hear you yawn in boredom.  Thankfully, avoiding the standard setting for sci fi shooters, the upcoming release of underwater shooter, Deep Black: Reloaded will be changing all that.  The game, from indie dev studio Biart Company, will be released on the PC 1st March and will be seeing a whopping 40 single player missions set on both land and water.  Land schmand, tell us more about the water; a quick poll of grunted opinions here at GLHQ reveals that not enough games are set in the briny depths of the oceans.

Deep Black: Reloaded takes place in a near future setting, with the player caught up in the usual struggle for world supremacy.  Perhaps the best part, however, is that the majority of the action takes place in Davy Jones’s stomping ground as the player gets fitted out with a specialised underwater suit and jet pack and a host of underwater weaponry with which to take on the enemy terrorists and infiltrate underwater bases.  Anyone hoping for an appearance from SeaQuest’s Darwin, however, will be sadly disappointed.  According to his agent, he is opening a tuna factory on release day.

To download the demo, check out the official site.

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