Alan Wake PC Collector’s Edition Details

While the details of the Alan Wake PC Collector’s Edition have been thrown about for a few days, they have today been confirmed, and some screens have been released of what we can expect.  Nothing overly impressive it would seem – at least by the looks of it, in comparison to the Xbox360 version which came as a spiffy, black ‘faux book’ slipcover set.  The upcoming PC release features largely the same core content: game, soundtrack, and Alan Wake Files book, but the packaging looks to be a touch underwhelming, unless it is just the angle (we hope so).

Aside from a few papery trinkets that are largely forgettable, the bonus disc actually has us more interested than anything, seeming to contain more than the 360 release did, with its avatar bumph and themes.  Still, regardless of whether postcards or bonus content floats your boat or tickles your Taken, the big draw is – and always has been, for us at least – the Alan Wake Files book (also the star of the Xbox 360 version), providing some excellent fodder for conspiracy theorists and those who want to plumb deeper into the game’s story and mysteries, as well as Wake’s early work.

Full contents include:

  • Game
  • DLC content – The Signal and The Writer.
  • Alan Wake Files book (144p) by fictional author, Clay Steward.
  • Soundtrack
  • Poster (double sided)
  • x7 Stickers
  • x6 Postcards

Bonus disc featuring:

  • The History Of Remedy
  • The Making Of Alan Wake
  • The Making Of A Thriller
  • Music videos by the Old Gods Of Asgard
  • Game trailers and storyboard


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