Crowd Funding Coming To UK?

After the overwhelming success of Double Fine’s Kickstarter campaign to raise funding for a new point and click adventure (donations are now currently over the million dollar mark), it seems that plans are afoot to allow for similar funding techniques to be made legal here in the UK. You mean they weren’t already?  What’s up with us?  UKIE, the trade industry bods, are to publish a report later this month which will outline how to make such ‘crowd funding’ – money flowing in from a large number of individuals – legal for game devs and publishers.

According to MCV, UKIE’s report will be due in on 17th February and “will explain how UK law could be changed to facilitate crowd funding. At the moment this funding method is currently restricted in the UK by the legal and regulatory framework.” About time.  Let’s just hope that the implementation of such legislation won’t be snared up in faff and red tape for the next few years as this could be the boost UK game development needs – fuck knows, the UK gaming industry has suffered enough setbacks, such as talent upping sticks to Canada and other countries offering tax breaks, and a string of studio closures.  Roll on 17th Feb. we say.

Source: MCV

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