Witcher 2 Gets Sexy ‘Dark Edition’ In Germany

As you probably know by now, we love our limited and collector’s editions, here at GLHQ, but are frequently bored to tears at the samey nonsense or bland packaging design which seems to go into so many triple A releases these days.  The upcoming release of Witcher 2 for the Xbox 360, however, may just change that somewhat.  Well, provided we get our importing hats on.

As far as we can tell, there will be an ‘enhanced edition’ of Witcher 2 released in the UK for the Xbox 360, with a minimum of gear, such as the soundtrack, ‘making of’ DVD and map, but the real gem is the The Witcher 2: Assassins of Kings (uncut) – ‘Dark Edition’ – exclusive to Amazon.de.  Yes, once again our German pals have come up trumps in the limited edition stakes, and we tip our hat to the lucky bastards.  We never actually expected the word ‘uncut’ to appear in relation to The Witcher 2 in Germany, given their anti-violent games stance and ban/scissor happy nature.  Still, who’s complaining.  It may have tits, torture, and dark and mature themes, but it seems that Witcher 2 for the Xbox is not only getting released over there, but remains unmolested, making great news for German gamers, but also awesome news for us collector fiends who like to get juicy over a sexy set.

Contents include:

  • The game (yep, really)
  • Witcher medallion
  • Hardback  artbook
  • Three stickers
  • Soundtrack
  • Making of DVD
  • Quest handbook (we presume a guide of sorts)
  • Map
  • And, of course, the gorgeous Dark Edition box


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  1. JD @mysticfail says:

    So everyone else is getting a watered down version from the original PC version? I was afraid it would happen but I still don’t get why its ok for MS PC but not Xbox.

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