Skyrim Creation Kit to hit Steam soon

Love Skyrim?  Love modding?  Love it when someone can take what the developer provided and turn it into something unimaginably good?  Of course you do, and Bethesda know this too… which is why they’ve finally announced that the Creation Kit for Skyrim will be hitting Steam soon as a free download.  The Elder Scrolls games have always been the focus of some heavy modding over the years, with Oblivion mods still being released on a daily basis, and we’re not just talking about someone spending weeks creating an Ezio costume for their character either, we’re talking about huge in-depth storylines and plots with entirely new areas and interactions.

If the myriad of mods we’ve used for Oblivion are anything to go by, the Skyrim community is about to go uber apeshit with people turning this 300+ hour beast into an 87 bajillion hour colossus.  Let’s hope someone creates a mod that allows you to dress your character up as The Pikachu Guy, as nobody seems to have done this yet!  As of now, the Creation Kit is only available in English, but the video below includes a preview of what will be available to modders.

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