Risen 2 Story DLC Pre Order Bonus

You wait… oh, five minutes for more Risen 2: Dark Waters info and then a stack comes along at once.  Hot on the heels of today’s sexy new screenies comes the news of a pre-order bonus for the upcoming pirate themed RPG in the form of story DLC.  Deep Silver announced today that the DLC bonus content ‘Treasure Isle’ will be available to anyone pre-ordering the game prior to its release at the end of April this year.  The DLC, rather than the tired multiplayer maps, gimmicks, or costumes often offered by titles these days, will be handing players a slice of additional content in the form of an extra questline.

In ‘Treasure Isle’, players will have the opportunity to uncover Captain Steelbeard’s legendary treasure – a plot line which is a continuation of one of the elements in the first game.  Pretty inspired.  Steelbeard, as you know is the father of the delicious Patty from the first title, so it will be an interesting addition.

You can check out our thoughts on the upcoming release by taking a read of our two previews, one from E3 2011 and the other, a hands-on preview and interview from Gamescom, where our appetities were well and truly whetted.


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