New Inversion Screens Pop Up

The release date may have slid to a slightly more hazy ‘early 2012′ but it hasn’t dimmed much of the enthusiasm for Namco Bandai’s Inversion, especially here at GLHQ.  Developed by Saber Interactive and previewed here at GL after some quality time with it at Gamescom last year, the third person shooter promises adrenalin spilling action with some revlutionary gameplay thrown in for good measure.  Players will be able to manipulate gravity for their own purposes, including hauling enemies from behind cover and solving environmental puzzles; of course, there will be plenty of bullet dodging, hardcore action thrown into the mix too, don’t worry.

Inversion is set in the near future, with peace shattered and sundered by an inconvenient invasion by a foe called the Lutadore.  Combined with a series of bizarre gravity warping anomalies, the world is thrown into chaos, amid which, the player has to struggle on their own personal mission.

For more info, check out our hands-on preview and interview and take a look at this batch of new screenies.

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