Microsoft To Ditch Points

In a move that will bring it in line with other services, such as PlayStation Network and Steam, Microsoft are finally going down the route of real world currency and ditching Microsoft Points.  For many gamers, they have long been an issue of contention, with ‘real’ prices masked and the awkward set point amounts leaving many with odd numbers of points in their accounts, rather than being able to just spend the exact amount desired.

Quite how the phasing out will work is not yet known, especially the fate of any remaining points lingering in user accounts – presumably a cut-off date will be announced, or some sort of credit for unused points.  The conversion rates from USD to sterling are another issue raised by some gamers, who are concerned that the move from points to pounds will represent a stealthy chance to pop prices up in the all too familiar ‘dollar/euro amount mirrored exactly in pounds’ scenario, as with the PS Vita, rather than a true currency conversion.

Whether or not gamers will be put off new releases – especially at the higher end of the scale – when they see the prices in black and white without the sugar coating remains to be seen, but we suspect many more will welcome the move to real world currency than will loathe it.

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