Ubi Budge Slightly On Anno DRM

Ubisoft and PC gamers have always had a love/hate relationship, thanks largely to Ubi’s insistence on some pretty nasty DRM.  Sadly, this trend has continued with their recent release of futuristic management title, Anno 2070.  While the three installs per copy restriction may seem unduly harsh to some, it can be considered an understandable tactic, however, in the case of Anno 2070 it has been (until now) what Ubi actually classes as an install that has caused the most consternation among gamers.

According to a nasty discovery by Guru3D, simply changing the graphics card on your PC was (until now) enough for the DRM to count it as a new install, meaning that you could be two strikes down before you’d barely begun, and best of British if your PC or card later went tits and you needed a whole new one.  However, things appear to have shifted slightly in the gamer’s favour after devs Blue Byte contacted Guru3D to report that they had removed the graphics card issue.  Well, that’s something.  Just goes to show that people can make a difference so, thanks to Guru3D, you can swap your hardware until your fingers are numb without it affecting your three strikes. Just a shame it had to take this sort of outrage for common sense to prevail in the first place.

Source: Guru 3D

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