Max Payne Gets Release Date – PC Gamers Made To Wait

It seems that Max Payne 3 has got a release date and to no one’s surprise, given the prior two release dates for major Rockstar titles over the last few years, the game will be hitting shelves in May this year… depending on your territory and system of choice, of course.  As breathtakingly predictable as ever is the news that our US cousins will have first bite of the apple with their 15th May release date, while we have to wait three days until 18th May here in the UK (if we plan to play it on PS3 or Xbox360, that is).  PC gamers will fare slightly worse, with the game seeing a 29th May release in the USA, and a 1st June release on UK shores.  Fear not, PC gamers, you’ll at least have the almost certain satisfaction of a sexier looking game.  We hope.

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