Dead Island – Story Based DLC Incoming

Scariest thing we've seen in a long time

Electrified machette going unused?  Have your zombie slashing days wound to a slow and sad halt?  Perhaps you’ve settled back on that brain-spattered sun-lounger for some well deserved rest.  Well, Deep Silver aim to give you an adrenalin shot in the arm with their latest Dead Island DLC announcement, which is geared towards single player devotees (a refreshing change for DLC across the industry board), being wholly story based – hurrah!

It promises to offer a ‘unique perspective into the incidents in the main Dead Island story‘, giving players the chance to step into the stained shoes of Ryder White, the antagonist from the main game, and giving a whole new take on events over several hours worth of gameplay.  Makes a nice change from the usual map packs and costumes that tend to make up the bulk of DLC these days.

The new content will be sneaking up on us on 1st February and will set you back 800 of your earthly msp. £7.99 on PSN or Steam.

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  1. Richie richie says:

    That last bit of DLC, the arena thing, was so fucking awful I thought I’d die playing it and then I’d come back to life and would shamble along to Techland’s offices and vomit dead shit all over their faces.

    Fucking Techland suck.

  2. Dom Dom says:

    Richie, this is the best comment I’ve ever read anywhere ever.

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