GOG Takes On Original Alien Breed

Stop your grinnin’ and drop your linen.  To the exploding, juicy delight of many ‘gamers of a certain age’ here at GLHQ, the latest news from retro download haven, GOG Games couldn’t be more enthusiastically pounced on.  Yes, that classic top down Amiga arcade shooter, Alien Breed will finally be seeing a new lease of life after all these years, without the need for Amiga emulators.  Originally released in 1991 by Team 17, the game (unofficially based on Aliens) went on to become a cult classic, spawning a successful sequel and Alien Breed: Tower Assualt, along with a couple of 3D titles that we won’t talk about.

In 2009, to the anticipation of many, Team 17 dusted down their franchise and presented the gaming world with a new Alien Breed trilogy of downloadable releases, however, for many, they just didn’t cut it against the powerful gameplay experience that had been burned into young minds with the originals.  Where was the sexy computer voice?  What were those giant furry tick things?  Why doesn’t my man look like a hanging sloth with a receeding hairline anymore?

Now, finally, after nearly 21 years, thanks to GOG’s latest deal with Team 17 for their back catalogue, we get to revisit the ISRC-4 to see just why communication seems to have stopped and to see if this really is a stand up fight, or just another bug hunt.  Oh, and there are some other Team 17 games launching on GOG too, but we’re too busy prepping flamethrowers, doing pull-ups, and packing cornbread to care.

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