Colonial Marines Collector’s Edition Leaked?

It would appear that the march of the blaverage boxsets continues apace – at least, that is, if the new leaked pic of the Aliens: Colonial Marines Collector’s Edition is genuine.  Appearing on French game site, Gamekyo, the image appears to be genuine, but nothing has been confirmed by either Gearbox or SEGA at this point.  We would be very surprised, however, if there were no plans for a limited edition and, to be honest, if someone were going to fake a piccy of a set, we’d have thought that it would contain a few rather more inspiring things.  As it is, the set, according to the pic, looks to contain the usual in-game weapons and a resin figure, along with a rather impractical looking wrap around display.  With a number of big hitting titles due out in the first two quarters of the year, any limited edition sets are going to have to fight hard for our moist attention here at GLHQ, let alone to gamers in a wallet damaged Xmas/Steam sale aftermath/recession/busy year.


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