Syndicate Co-Op Screens

To the horror of many, EA recently announced a surprise ‘reinvention’ of the classic Syndicate, to be developed by The Chronicles of Riddick devs, Starbreeze Studios.  To precisely no one’s surprise, rather than going down the RTS iso route of the original, EA are pulling an X-COM on us and Syndicate is to be – you guessed it a sci-fi first person shooter.  Taking place in 2069, the game is set in a sinister world, where various syndicates thrive in a government-less environment, hair-pulling for total control of their local marketplace, which is where the player will come in, utilising weaponry, bio-tech and, presumably, harsh language to take down their enemies.

Still, while the change in format may well irk some, we have to say that these new screenies look fairly tasty, so feast your eyes – the handful of classic Syndicate lovers here at GLHQ will look as soon as theirs have stopped rolling.


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