Take To The Streets With RentBoy Simulator

Yes, you read correctly!  In a strange twist for the genre that already has such odd classics as Lumberjack Simulator, Street Cleaning Simulator, Police Simulator, Traffic Controller Simulator and probably Toilet Attendant Simulator, although we couldn’t actually find that one to see if it exists, UK-based simulation studio Simul8 Design Works has rocked the homosexual community by releasing RentBoy Simulator.

While it doesn’t specifically mention that the player will take on the role of a homosexual, the implication is certainly there with frequent trips to gay clubs, rendezvous in public toilets to meet “dick tricks” and even mini-games where you have to try and pull as many sailors as possible down at the local docks in “Cocks At The Docks”.  In an attempt to quosh the arguments from the horrified gay community, the company director Mabossa Ritchie has made it clear that there are as many female encounters as there are male and goes on to say:

We felt that including clients of both sexes was a better representation of the industry but the player has the option of taking either the straight, gay or bisexual path on their own. There is no penalisation for going one way or another and, in fact, most people playing the game so far have opted to go down the bisexual route which is why we plan on releasing the first expansion pack, The Mile High Bi Bi Club, later in the year.

Simul8 released RentBoy Simulator as a direct follow up to the much-maligned Hooker Simulator, when critics slammed them for their sexist stance in forcing the player to play as a woman.  Rather than following the requests of the community, and releasing a patch where they could select the sex of the character, they instead opted to produce an entirely new game and offer it to Hooker Simulator owners at a 50% discount with all proceeds going to an as-yet-unnamed charity.

So, just when you thought that the simulator market had exhausted all avenues, another one pops up!  I, for one, would love to see them develop Agoraphobe Simulator.

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