LMG Set To Publish Sanctum

As far as hybrid titles go, FPS crossed with tower defence doesn’t seem too far out of the ordinary and Coffee Stain Studios would appear to agree.  Their PC tower defence title, Sanctum has been snapped up by Lace Mamba Global and looks set for a release early next year in a spiffy retail edition.  Sanctum blends FPS gameplay with traditional tower defence as players step into the scuffed space booties of an elite soldier (aren’t they always) named Skye, who has to defend his hometown from waves of pesky aliens.  Someone should design some sort of alien repellent – this sort of thing happens far too often – now that’s a Dragon’s Den episode worth watching.

The retail edition will include the following:

  • Sanctum plus all additional content packs
  • Additional free game key
  • Soundtrack CD
  • Comic
  • Poster

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