Worms Merchandise Explodes Into Retail

Why no one thought of it before is anyone’s guess, but Team 17 have announced the release of the first ever batch of Worms merchandise.  Yep, the long running series has finally decided to cash in on its fame and status as a household gaming name, just in time for the holiday season.  So, can we expect to see Holy Hand Grenades, Old Grannies, and plushie Bazookas?  Well, not quite.  What is currently out is the Super Sheep Plush – a 29cm plush, which also plays the Super Sheep’s explosive fanfare when squeezed, and a Worms poster.  So, not exactly a range to set the gaming world on fire just yet, but more releases are promised to be in the pipeline for next year, including more plushes, keyrings, mugs, figurines, and more.  We’re holding out for a Holy Hand Grenade, plushie or otherwise.

The plushie sheep can be purchased here or from thegeekestlink.com, while the poster can be found lurking here.

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  1. Edward Edward says:

    I have the sheep. It is epic.

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