Dead Island Xmas Calendar, Full Of Xmas Fear

Someone didn't like being told there was no Santa

An early contender for ‘Least Chistmassy Christmas Idea’ that we’ve heard thus far this season at GLHQ is Deep Silver’s interesting take on the traditional advent calendar.  As of 1st December, will be launching their Dead Island themed calendar, promising a new ‘surprise’ behind each door.  We can only wonder with some trepidation what these delights will entail, but we are told that visitors will have their knowledge of the game world, and zombie lore in general, tested.

There will be a special contest every Sunday in December, giving visitors the chance to win some tasty – and exclusive – prizes, including one of a kind Dead Island themed airbrushed consoles, a collection of zombie movie classics on Blu-ray, a 46 inch 3D-HDTV from Sony or books for lovers of zombie horror.  Clues can also be gleaned for the grand competition finale taking place on Christmas Day, where compers will be in with a chance to win a one week trip for two to a tropical island.  We love Deep Silver’s sense of humour.  Just don’t be packing any electrified machetes in your case if you win.  We can safely assume that customs won’t understand.

Get ready to hit up the official site on December 1st.

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