Steel Armour Blaze Of War To Invade In 2012

Tanks.  We love em.  Big meaty pieces of metal with which to crush enemies and stun any snooty valet parking attendant into silence.  German game distributor, UIG Entertainment have announced that Steel Armour Blaze Of War will be released early next year.  The game is a realistic tank simulator, with tactical elements, and a high level of authenticity in which the player can take on the role of either the Soviet, Iraqi, Iranian, or Angolan armies during the Soviet invasion of Afghanistan, the Iran/Iraq war, and the Angolan civil war.  The screens look pretty decent, so any tank lovers should pencil in 20th January, 2012 when the game will be released.

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  1. IvanErtlov says:

    Hi all,

    greetings from Germany.

    I hope this is not considered as “spamming”, but I tracked / researched Steel Armor Threads all around the world because it`s linked to my work.

    I`m the producer responsible for the International versions (Non-Russian) of the game. The German version is to be released within the next 2 weeks and can be ordered here:

    The English version will be released soon after, but I can`t guarantee it will be in US / CDN stores before begin of 2012.

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