Grotesque Tactics 2: Dungeons & Donuts For Q1 2012

With the Spring schedules filling at an alarming rate, Lace Mamba Global have announced the kooky sequel to Grotesque Tactics will be released in Q1 2012.  Grotesque Tactics 2: Dungeons & Donuts is the follow up to the strategy RPG parody, Grotesque Tactics and focuses on the celebrating citizens of the Kingdom of Glory who are busy partying it up in the catacombs of their now slain enemies.  Of course, no one in gameland should ever count their chickens, unless they are holed up on the surface in a bad-guy proof vault with copious amounts of supplies, weaponry, and a decent insurance policy.

Sure enough, a mysterious fog descends and the screaming starts.  The survivors band together in a number of rag-tag guilds – none of whom can stand one another (after all, elves always take too long in the bathroom and the ear hairs in the sink have to be seen to be believed) – and to top it all, something stirs in the darkness below them.

In RPG style, the game will feature a new levelling system, talent trees, quest logs, and spiffier graphics, along with the requisite ladies in skimpy clothing and unrippable nylons – seriously, someone should market those.  Expect a Spring 2012 release, barring bumpage (the game, not the nylons).

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