Chuck Norris Stars In WoW Ad, Takes Over World (Maybe)

Another WoW ad, just another celeb?  Nope, not when that celeb is karate and all round beard legend, Chuck Norris.  Fuck off and take your bat with you Ozzy, because this is how an ad should be done.  What does the advert tell us?  Precisely nothing.  What is the point?  There isn’t one.  It’s just got Chuck Norris in it, which elevates it to instant awesome in our eyes.  It features an in game avatar of ‘The Norris’, kicking some serious arse, alongside real life action shots of the man himself, still sporting the trademark beard that could shave the polar ice caps off the planet without damaging a follicle.

Apparently there are 10 million people in World of Warcraft because Chuck Norris allows them to live.  Sounds about right.  As long as one of them isn’t the gurning Steven Seagal… we just ate lunch.

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