Men Of War: Condemned Heroes For Q1 2012

Following on from their success with Men of War: Assault Squad and Men of War: Vietnam, Lace Mamba Global have today announced that they will also be taking up the publishing mantle for the latest installment in the series: Men of War: Condemned Heroes.  The story focuses on one of the myth-shrouded Soviet penal battalions from WWII, made up of officers who were disgraced or who had otherwise been court- martialed, and who were given a chance at redemption.  As the player you’re expected to lead them to victory in the harshest of conditions in the war on the Eastern Front, encompassing various battles across Europe stretching from 1942 to 1945.

Condemned Heroes looks set for an early 2012 release, just in time to shoot those winter blues in the face.  From the look of some of the snowier screenies, we’re looking forward to seeing more.

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