UMD Passport For PS Vita

Sony have confirmed that it will be possible to download UMD games to your Vita (for those who just can’t be bothered lugging around those old UMDs that weigh so very much) – for a price, of course. Utilising Sony’s UMD passport program, which will support around 200 games on launch, the player can register their UMDs (once registered to one account, that’s your lot) with their PSN account; the player can then download digital versions at a discount price, which is being touted as anything between £4 – £12.00.  Great for folk who want to upgrade their games from physical to digital, and better for those who could care less and who will no doubt be scooping up stacks of bargain discs on Ebay.

Anyone thinking they can use LoveFilm or similar services to register a stack of games, which can then be purchased for next to nothing, needs to think again, however, as although they haven’t said how they can tell if a UMD has been registered… Sony apparently can.  We think it is to do with that Kevin Butler poster – the eyes follow us around the room, honest.

Source: Eurogamer

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