Steam Hacked

Just when we thought the hacking was over, someone else comes out of the woodwork to take on another gaming target – this time Valve are on the receiving end.  Valve’s Gabe Newell last night sent out a message to all Steam users, revealing that not only were the Steam forums ‘vandalised’ but that the Steam database was hacked.  It contained usernames, passwords (albeit concealed), billing addresses, and email contacts.  No one currently knows whether any actual credit card info was leeched or whether the passwords can or have been cracked.

Steam users are being encouraged to change their forum and main account passwords and to do the same on other sites/networks, should they be using the same one – if your nicked password was the same as your PayPal one, it might be worth hopping over there and changing it.  Pain in the arse, oh yes.

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