Deponia Slips To Q2 2012

It may have been a great year for point and click adventures, but the best is – or at least was – yet to come, with a number of hot looking titles on the horizon.  Sadly, it seems that yet another has fallen foul of the Autumn bump trend and slipped to next year.  Deponia, a gorgeous looking adventure Daedalic Entertainment, was on course for an Autumn/Winter release, but has sadly joined the list of titles now waiting in the wings of 2012.  Still, it is in illustrious company, with son-of-the-devil adventure Lucius also now deciding to present itself in the new year, so we can’t really complain – it will just mean that the early schedules next Spring will keep us more than busy here at GLHQ.

To sate our appetites in the meantime, we’ll have to make do with Memento Mori (provided it avoids a bump of its own) and the eagerly awaited Bracken Tor… ah, wait… the over-a-year-late-and-counting adventure has quietly missed its Halloween release again.  Looks like adventure fans will have to hit their back catalogues or catch up on the year’s previous releases instead.

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