Steam Scares Up 80% Off Amnesia

Once again, Valve have found a way to pry open our moth-filled wallets with another sale… yep, it’s Halloween.  Being little more than an excuse for begging chavs, legal vandalism, and marketing goons to label everything as ‘scary’ in order to sell more green things, many of us have undoubtedly come to dread this time of year.  Unless you are a PC gamer, in which case – aside from being handsome and distinguished, and possessed of good taste – you are likely rubbing your hands with delight.  Once again, anyone opening up Steam will find themselves assailed by the banners for the Halloween Steam sale and there are some tempting delights available.

Trawling through the games offered brings up the expected scares of Silent Hill, and the not so scary looking Dungeons, among some of the darker, wholly worthy point and click adventures, but perhaps the best bargain we spied was the gloriously nerve-shredding Amnesia by Frictional Games.  We reviewed the game waaay back, awarding it a whopping 10/10 for its excellent gameplay and soul crushingly sinister atmosphere of unending dread and terror.

Ever since then, ‘the game that should be played with the lights on’ has been riding high on our top shelf of star games, and we take every opportunity to encourage others to give this indie gem a try, if only so we can laugh when they fear quit to the menu (okay, we did too, many times, but it is always funnier when it is happening to someone else).  So, if you’ve been meaning to hold onto your bladder and don your headphones for this terrifying experience, there is now little excuse with the game currently sitting at an irresistible £2.60.  Buy it.  Then film yourself playing it, so that we can laugh at you on YouTube.

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