GamingLives Podcast Episode 6

This week on the GamingLives podcast Lee, Mark, Ben and Lorna are joined by Richie and give their thoughts on this year’s Golden Joystick Awards. They also tell their love for their all time favourite games before moving on to the uprising of the indie developer. It turns out Lee uses a cheat to remember his left and rights while Richie learned his from a game manual. We then look back at the games that were out ten years ago, give our thoughts on the PS Vita, and Ben has the hot gossip from Blizzcon.

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The Golden Joysticks

The Golden Joysticks are the only annual awards that are voted for by gamers – the people who go out and buy the games – not a stuffy voting panel of ‘experts’ who haven’t actually been into a game shop for 10 years. We like to think this adds a degree of authenticity and relevance to our awards, as well as being very much a “people’s choice”.  We’ve come a long way since Dominik Diamond first handed one of these buggers out.

Full list of winners>

I <3 Alpha Protocol

I hesitated on making a commitment to Alpha Protocol last year. I had other engagements at the time and I figured the wealth of unflattering comments floating around had to have at least a little merit. So, though I was tempted initially, I held off, thinking we might get together another time. Then it happened. We ran into each other recently and Alpha Protocol was sporting a sexy low-cut price tag that I simply could not resist…

Read of Joe’s love here >

OIO Review

If there’s one thing we love here at GamingLives, it’s the indie developer.  Those celebrated individuals who work together to create something fantastic, without the safety net of the corporate publisher to help create the buzz, and oil the hype machine.  They are the Oliver twins of the new generation of gamers, doing what they do because of a passion for the craft, typically delivering games that have that long-forgotten “one more try” aspect that reel you in and never let go.

Read the full review… >

Indie Overload

Eurogamer was full to bursting with many good games and, although massive signs, costumes, and free swag are all impressive, Edward and I were drawn to the indie area on more then one occasion (don’t ask him about the high score on Hardlines because it belongs to me now).  There we endeavoured to play as many of the indie games on show as possible and pick two of our favourites. Here’s what we came back with.

Part one here >

Cheating yourself out of fun.

“I’ve made a mistake. I should never have cheated on you and ruined our relationship; I’m sorry.” What? Mark has cheated on his girlfriend? What a bastard! No reader, it’s worse than that. I cheated on Mount and Blade: Warband. After reading a most excellent review of Mount and Blade: Fire and Sword, I decided that I would finally bite the bullet and pick up the Mount and Blade pack on Steam.


Ten years ago

We know what you’re thinking… was it really that long ago?

well yes…

Yes it was.

Make yourself feel old >

Vita Details

Sony has announced the release date for its PlayStation Vita handheld gaming device. It will be launched throughout Europe and in the US on 22 February. Jack Tretton, Chief Executive of Sony Computer Entertainment of America, revealed the launch date during a speech at the Web 2.0 conference on Tuesday

Go feel posh on the Guardian’s website >

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  1. Rook says:

    What I really hate about this and the other podcasts is after a while, they’re over. I was playng through Rage while listening to this and Ed’s podcast, they both finished and yet I still had more game to play. Hurry up with the next one please. :)

  2. Mark mark_s says:

    Ill support any podcast where the last word is fucker.

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