World Of Simulations Mag To Launch

Not every gamer is one who prefers their games to come with Lancers, Warthogs, fanboy wars, or lashings of the crimson stuff.  Some prefer gentler pursuits, and that odd corner of the gaming cosmos reserved for the simulation game is a surprisingly popular haunt.  At GLHQ we may mock lightheartedly on occasion, or be genuinely bewildered by the endless DLCs for titles such as Train Simulator and Farming Simulator, but their popularity appears to be bafflingly undiminished.  This is further borne out by the fact that in an increasingly precarious print market, where venerable mags have gone to the wall, a new gaming magazine will be hitting stores, devoted soley to these titles.

World of Simulations Magazine is the brainchild of Excalibur Publishing and First Class Simulators, and will be launching in early November.  The new mag will feature fifty pages of articles, reviews and editorial coverage, along with some promised in-depth industry looks.  The first issue will be reportedly free of charge, and can either be purchased in retail locations or viewed online at Excalibur Publishing.  Again, with the print industry facing a tight future, we wish them the best and doff our best checkered flat cap to them.

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