Limited Ed. Batman Controllers Announced

If playing as the Bat or the Cat wasn’t going to be enough at the end of October, then GamingZap have revealed a new way to enjoy a jaunt through the darkened rooftops of Arkham City, in the form of their limited edition controllers.  The officially licensed controllers are scheduled to release at the same time as the game and come in both PS3 and Xbox 360 flavours.  Whoo, etc.

The PS3 controller features a Batarang design (don’t hurl it at the wall in rage though… we can safely wager that it won’t come whistling back before it smashes a hole in your Renoir), and built in ‘rumble motors’ and six-axis motion sensor.  Throw in pretty colours in the form of seven colour phase LEDs and the fact that it is wireless and there you have it.  The Xbox version features pretty much the same get up, but will be wired, sorry folks.  You’ll have to do what you promised your mothers you wouldn’t and sit up close to that big flashing screen.  We also think, as much as we love the green, the PS3 version edges out the 360 controller slightly in the ‘pretty’ stakes, but see what you reckon – petty bickering is still continuing at GLHQ on the matter.  Both are available for the princely sum of £44.95, if spending that much on the game itself wasn’t going to be enough.

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  1. Mark R MarkuzR says:

    I wouldn’t wipe my arse with these, sorry. I think the only stylised controller I ever liked was the steampunk one with the little key and the rest have been vile, including these ones. I get that people will like them, but it’s likely going to be the people who like those midi systems with the huge speakers and loads of ridiculously bright LEDs all over them whereas I’d rather have a lump of faceless beauty like a Linn.

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