Mass Effect 3 Multiplayer Confirmed

Everyone pretty much expected it to happen, so to no one’s shock and surprise, BioWare today confirmed that Mass Effect 3 would indeed have a multiplayer element.  It will take the form of four player co-op missions, wherein players can choose from a number of races and classes to form a special elite squad.  According to the new FAQ on the BioWare forums, success in multiplayer will have an impact on the outcome of the single player campaign and they had this to say about why they went down the co-op only route:

We have always maintained that we would only add multiplayer into the Mass Effect series if it made sense and did not compromise the power of the single player campaign. Fighting together against a common threat was the multiplayer experience that made the most sense for Mass Effect 3. The way we have designed co-op as a way to take control of key conflict zones in the galaxy is a natural extension of the premise of Mass Effect 3.

For more details, swing by the official forums.

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