Steve Jobs, Apple Founder, Dies

Just one day after Apple unveiled the new iPhone 4s, the shiny white behemoth of a company confirmed that infamous founder and former CEO, Steve Jobs had died, aged just 56. Jobs had been suffering from pancreatic cancer, diagnosed in 2004, and had eventually stepped down from his post as CEO of Apple earlier this year.  Love him or hate him, Jobs was one of the visionaries who helped sculpt the technological landscape for future generations and tributes have poured from the rich, powerful, and influential, not least from US President Barack Obama, Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg, and fellow hate figure, Mr Microsoft, aka Bill Gates, praising Jobs’s iconic contributions to technology and his inspirational creative vision.

Whether you believe Jobs got downloaded to the foxy, fiery red party-lounge under the stairs or uploaded to the boobs and wings fest somewhere ‘up’ from here, it matters not. For many of us here at GLHQ, the news was sobering indeed.  As ever, in circumstances such as this, we expect the jokes to come thick and fast, regardless of opinion, so any gags about dropping the coffin from a specific height to get the contents to be reset can be sent to the usual address.

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