BioShock Infinite T-shirt Giveaway

Let’s do something completely different today, shall we?  We’ve got a “Keep Looking, Lincoln” t-shirt that 2K and Irrational Games gave us at Gamescom this year to promote BioShock Infinite, and we want it to go to a good home… although not necessarily a dystopian home in the sky, as it could fall over the edge and suffocate someone and their family could sue us.

Considering the theme and the rarity of the shirt itself, we want to get YOU guys to “keep looking” too, so if you want to be in with a chance of winning this exclusive BioShock Infinite t-shirt, you need to:

  1. Tweet the phrase below and follow us @gaminglives
  2. Find THREE of these melon icons within articles published in the last 30 days
  3. Email with links to the three articles where you found the melons

The phrase to tweet…
For a chance to WIN a rare BioShock Infinite “Elizabeth” t-shirt, “keep looking” at @gaminglives – For full details

Then what?  Do I get sweeties??
Maybe.  If we’re feeling particularly generous, then yeah, we may give the winner some sweeties. We’ll pick a winner from all the people who found the three melons and tweeted the phrase, and send them out their t-shirt.  Remember, the melons will only be in articles published within the last 30 days so you don’t have to start back from the first article… we’re not that cruel… yet.  If you don’t find all three melons, and don’t tweet the phrase, Lincoln won’t smile upon you.  We’ll end the giveaway on Thursday 29th September at 8pm, so get searching and don’t post the answers on Twitter or anywhere else or we’ll send the boys round!

And the winner is…
Congratulations to @SlaptArze on finding all three melons and NOT eating them!  Sadly, most of the entries counted the melon on this actual page and so missed the third one… which would have been too easy!

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