Cringe of the Day: Hoff Plays Burnout Crash!

Well, here at GamingLives, we don’t believe in censorship (except when Richie gets a bee in his bum-crack about Activision’s beloved CEO), or toning down any mature content.  However, the video you are about to be linked to… well, the GL jury is still out about just how terrifying and sickening it is.  To you, our sexy and loyal readers, we can only apologise for any offense caused by the linking of this video.  However, please note the following:

DISCLAIMER: it is soley your choice to watch the following Hoff-filled advert for Burnout Crash! and, as such, any heart attacks, vomiting, cold shivers, or cringing are purely your own responsibility, as is any distress arising from the aforementioned video or possible side-effects, and not ours.  Warning: This video contains David Hasselhoff and extreme close-ups.


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