Anno 2070 Limited Edition Set Details

Given their beautifully inspired limited edition sets of the past, we expected a great deal from the collector’s edition of the latest game in the popular Anno series.  Let’s just say that the jury is out on this one.  Thanks to the series being hauled unceremoniously into the future by Ubisoft, away from the gloriously romantic age of sail and all the character and theming possibilities that went with it, it was to be expected that any limited edition set might lose something among other futuristic and spacey looking titles.

While it may lack anything particularly inspired, any set is better than a poke in the eye with a sharp stick (mostly), so we’ll leave you to check it out for yourselves.  Anno 2070 Limited Edition is due out 18th November, 2011 in the UK and can be pre-ordered here.

Set includes:

  • Spiffy packaging
  • 6 in 1 Solar Kit
  • 2 soundtracks
  • 152 page artbook
  • The game, obviously
  • A2 Poster/ Tech Tree

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