The Book of Unwritten Tales Gets Collector’s Edition

Once again, when it comes to adventure games, our sexy German cousins have the better end of the deal, with a gloriously attractive collector’s edition of the upcoming The Book of Unwritten Tales, which we recently previewed, and the prequel – The Critter Chronicles – which is to be released in Germany the same day as this set.  The Book of Unwritten Tales has been out in Germany for a few years now and has been a flyaway hit but, as usual, UK point and click fans have had to wait… and wait.  As is the case with many such adventures, we didn’t even know whether it would ever see a release over here, with the market for such titles being far smaller than in Germany but, finally, it will be hitting UK shores, hopefully at the end of this month.

Whether or not we’ll ever be seeing this version, however, remains to be seen, but if track record is anything to go by, it is highly unlikely.  As with the Black Mirror Limited Edition Collection and the Gray Matter Collector’s Edition – see our unboxing video here – it will mean a visit to for a hasty import come release on 6th October.

The set comes with a decorative leather-look, gold-stamped slip case which contains the following:

  • Both games: The Book of Unwritten Tales and the new prequel, The Critter Chronicles
  • Soundtrack CD, featuring music from both games
  • 104 page hardcover art book featuring stunning artwork from the game and the development process
  • 3 button badges featuring characters from the game
  • 2 postcards

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