Secret World Beta Registrations Begin

Originally due to go up at the weekend, beta registrations from Funcom’s latest MMO, the Secret World, have now gone online. Fans were left with sour faces during the weekend when the site’s countdown clock reached zero and, instead of opening up beta registrations, revealed a “technical difficulties” message.

All the kinks have since been ironed out and potential testers now have the chance to register their details. Interestingly, you get to choose what faction you’re interested in during the signup process, with a personality test on hand should you be a little unfamiliar with the whole thing. It’s also worth mentioning that Facebook Connect is a requirement to proceed with the signup, due to the “social networking features in the upcoming phase two of the secret war experience”.

Joey recently became besotted by the game at this year’s gamescom so, for a better understanding on what the Secret World is and what you can expect, check out his preview here

Cheers Massively (via VG24/7)

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