Torchlight II Reveals the Embermage

The Embermage, Torchlight II's newest addition

Runic Games have confirmed that the latest character class for their upcoming title Torchlight II will be the Embermage, a powerful character that, through study of the magical mineral known as Ember, has the ability to wield exceptional power. Embermages enter into combat with the ability to unleash devastating blasts of fire, ice and electricity at their foes, while also able to interfere with the laws of time and space, granting them the ability to move themselves, or their enemies, across short distances at a flick of a wrist.

Consequently, the Embermage fills the roll of the offensive spell caster that has the ability to deliver potent and precise attacks from a considerable distance away. Close quarters combat is dealt with by teleporting themselves or the enemy away, usually with physically wrenching results for their foes. The Embermage’s combination of physical and magical discipline makes it a superb ranged combatant: powerful, mobile and versatile.

Recently at Gamescom we had the chance to sit down and play Torchlight II so take a look at our preview here.  Torchlight II is due out later this year with current indications pointing to an October release.


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