Borderlands 2 Details Emerge

Salvador. Greatest work: "Dream Caused By The Flight Of A Rakk Circling A Skag Corpse A Second Before Awakening"

We’ve tried to hold off posting information for as long as possible to gather as many details as possible but it looks like the grapevine has been picked dry and, with no further news emerging over the last 48 hours, we bring you everything that we now know about Borderlands 2, thanks to Game Informer.  The first, potentially devastating, news is that our old pals Mordecai, Lilith, Roland and Brick step aside to make room for an entirely new set of protagonists.  They will, however, return as NPCs so the purists will still get to rub shoulders with their former selves.

The debut character from last week’s announcement has been named as Salvador, the Gunzerker, who is the first Borderlands character to adopt the dual wield weapon system and who looks enough of a man-mountain to do so with the heaviest of rocket launchers in each hand.  As suspected, the four player co-op returns along with a series of new vehicles including one which houses all four players at once, which is great for getting from one side of the map to another without fear of losing one of the pack but catastrophic if your driver has a tendency to either flip the vehicle whilst surrounded by an insane number of spider ants or has a penchant for driving over the edge into oblivion… you know who you are.  I request that a new feature be written in to the game whereby any driver responsible for the death of their team mates through idiocy be required to compensate twice their losses by handing over their weapons.

Dynamic story missions have been introduced so it’s now no longer a case of simply playing until the objective has been reached – there is also the possibility of failing the mission entirely, where your outcome will alter the story and, presumably, take an entirely new path.   Those of us who found the A.I. in Borderlands a little lacking at times should take the time to shake off that complacency and prepare for a whole host of new enemies, with improved A.I. so the days of taking one enemy down within a pack of four with a headshot while the others scratch their collective arses are gone!  Also scraped off are those NPCs where “Hey, you seen mah gun?” seem to be the only words ever taught to them, as we’re told that more dialogue interaction has been included.  I wonder if that poor guy ever did get his gun back.

If, like me, you spent more time comparing every minutiae of every new weapon you picked up just in case the latest was 0.001% better than an existing… the news on this front is both good and bad.  The bad news is that none of the weaponry from Borderlands will be carried over, but the positives are that there is a whole new set of weaponry to pour over as well as the ability to improve weapon stats using Eridium compounds and the opportunity to enhance your style with custom weapon decals and other enhancements.  Collector whores of the world unite!

As more information unfolds, our list of questions increases and hopefully we’ll be able to have many of these answered at GamesCom.  Watch this space, meat puppets!

Sources: Various, most notably Gamenyusu

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  1. Pete Pete says:

    New vehicles huh? Cool! Bagsy I drive! :D

  2. Mark R MarkuzR says:

    Um… yeah… maybe! I see no reason for you to be the designated driver whatsoever.

    catastrophic if your driver has a tendency to either flip the vehicle whilst surrounded by an insane number of spider ants or has a penchant for driving over the edge into oblivion

    None :D

  3. SimonJK says:

    I loved the first one, I played all playthoughs over 3 gamertags – two of which tags did all four characters (definately double figures on playthoughs) and that doesn’t included farming all those lovely weapons. I actually think it has my record for all time play length, hell it was the online game I played online since GRAW2 andChromehounds. I am so looking forward to this sequel.

    I must admit being concerned over the dynamic mission idea as I am a slow carefull game who hates timers etc and I’ve also caught wind about character only assigned weapons. Other than that I hope the hardly change a thing and definately hope they bring as much quality DLC as they did with the first (if not more).

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