Bastion Comes To Steam

In case you weren’t already aware, Supergiant Games announced this weekend that their much talked about debut title, Bastion, will make its way to Steam on August 16th.  Bastion was, as mentioned countless times before (yet still worth reiterating), our sleeper hit of PAX East 2011 when we were intrigued enough by a fairly vague press release to follow up and meet with Greg Kasavin for more information on the first release from the studio formed in September 2009.  Knowing very little about the game itself, other than the beautiful visuals and its old school approach to modern gaming, what we stumbled upon that day in Boston had a significant effect on Lee, and several writers since, including Ben when he had his first taste at E3.

The game which was entirely responsible for the creation of our “Just Play It” award is poised to make the transition from Xbox Live Arcade to the digital distribution (super)giant, Steam and hopefully open itself up to an even wider audience.  If visual comparison between most Xbox and PC games are anything to go by, Bastion will surely wow players with its stunning art style and haunting narrative.

Interview with Greg

Interview with Darren

If you haven’t already watched them, you’ll find both of our Bastion interviews above, the first of which was shot at PAX East in March with Greg Kasavin and the second during E3 in June with Darren Korb. Bastion hits Steam on August 16th, priced at $14.99 or £11.49, and can be pre-ordered by following this link.

Just play it.

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