Real World Cash to Be Earned in Diablo III

According to PC Gamer who recently got the inside scoop on the eagerly awaited Diablo 3, real world cash will be a part of the game world, although not in the way you’d expect.  Rather than shipping with publisher-oriented microtransaction functionality built in, Diablo 3 gets the player involved.  The game will feature an auction house, which lets players buy and sell in-game items for real money.  Yep.  Whether they are items the player has found, looted, or quested hard to get, or stuff that they’ve painstakingly crafted, the auction house lets you buy (and sell) them, with the ‘majority’ of the money transacted going to the player/creator.

Smart stuff.  Without having to lift a finger or expend any effort filling an in-game store with items, Blizzard are letting the players do it for them while making some cash themselves (always a draw), while Blizzard sit back and take a skim off the top.  This is what EA should have done with their online Sims store, rather than overcharging for in-house created gear.

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  1. Knikitta says:

    If it ‘takes off’, I wonder how long it will be before they consider implementing this into the likes of Wow and SC?

    I have a feeling that this is merely a sort of trial run for Warcraft anyway as that is where Blizz’s numbers lie in terms of customers.

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