Super Meat Boy Ultra/Rare Editions – Tasty

When digital games become internet sensations overnight, garnering a huge fan-base, all the retail box lovin’, ‘proper game’ collecting, want it in my hands crowd can do is cry into their slipcases and hope that a publisher will snap it up and set it free as a retail edition.  Of course, Super Meat Boy was one such game, and Lace Mamba has becoming the publisher riding to the rescue.

Not only will Super Meat Boy be seeing a UK release on August 26th, but there will be two editions for gamers to get their sweaty paws on.

Super Meat Boy Ultra Edition contents (RRP £19.99):

  • Play as Alien Hominid
  • 40 page comic / sketch book
  • An awesome poster
  • Digital soundtrack
  • Secret Bonus content

Super Meat Boy Ultra Rare Edition contents (RRP £24.99):

  • All the contents of the Ultra Edition
  • PLUS the classic Super Meat Boy T-shirt (XL)

Looks good, although expect the prices to downshift somewhat when retailers start listing them.  We’ve already spied them over at Amazon for the impressive sums of £19.99 (Ultra Rare) and £17.99 (Ultra). Meaty.

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