L.A. Noire Bundle Giveaway

Love it or hate it, there is no denying the fact that Team Bondi’s L.A. Noire changed the way developers look at character representation in a game.  The level of realism in the faces from the advanced motion capture techiques allowed for intricate mannerisms to be captured, resulting in some interesting interrogations.  Detective Cole Phelps’ journey wasn’t exactly trouble-free but, as we mentioned in our review, the game can be ridiculously immersive when played with the proper settings and is certainly a break from the typical space marine or zombie fest.  We’ve been hanging on to some L.A. Noire goodies for quite some time, and figured it was now time to offer them up to you guys in a giveaway.

  • 1 x Xbox 360 copy of L.A. Noire
  • 1 x Brady Games Guide
  • 1 x Rockstar brown paper bag
  • 1 x Rockstar logo sticker (82mm x 78mm)
  • 1 x White L.A. Noire sticker (202mm x 54mm)
  • 1 x Black L.A. Noire sticker (253mm x 65mm)
  • 1 x 22″ x 28″ promotional poster (shows the US release date)
  • 1 x Large L.A. Noire promotional t-shirt

How to Enter

There are TWO requirements to gain entry to this giveaway, as the prize bundle isn’t exactly something you see every day… so the FIRST thing to do is comment below on what you most enjoyed about L.A. Noire (funny or serious… we don’t care… but don’t mention the killer sharks as that’ll spoil it for others), including your twitter account name (ie @GamingLives or @DavyMonsta) and make sure that you FOLLOW US at http://twitter.com/gaminglives before doing the SECOND requirement, which is to paste the following phrase (including the link) in to your Twitter feed:

Click the link to see how to win a RARE #LANoire t-shirt & poster bundle with the GAME and guide from @GamingLives http://bit.ly/GL-LANOIRE

And Then?

The competition will be drawn on Sunday 31st July at 8pm and the lucky winner will be announced on this page and on Twitter. If you’re the lucky winner of this ridiculously RARE L.A. Noire prize bundle, then we’ll send you a DM on Twitter and ask for your address to get your haul sorted. If we see that you’ve not followed us, not commented or you’ve not tweeted the phrase, you won’t be eligible… sorry… you need to comment and retweet! Before anyone asks on Twitter, there are no age or country restrictions and no limit on the number of times you enter. Good luck.

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  1. jackhappy says:

    Loving the stern faces of Cole! @duncanj903

  2. I loved the Nicholson Electroplating DLC – from the huge explosion and resulting destruction of that area in LA to the excellent storyline – probably one of the best in the entire game.

    Something else which I liked was the whole Rockstar Pass – making the future DLC much easier on the wallet =D

  3. bev_metallica on Twitter says:

    I enjoyed the chases. Some good action there.

  4. Daniel Brookes says:

    I loved the MotionScan technology. Frankly, the game wouldn’t have worked as well as it did without it and it has set a benchmark for facial animation in games to come. (@DeadmanDRB_

  5. Ryan Markey says:

    The fact that nearly every character from Mad Dogs is present in the game :D @WPRank

  6. Fraser MacCulloch says:

    Would did I most enjoy about L.A. Noire? Nothing because I haven’t played it yet. However I’m sure I’ll love it when I win it :-) @SFBooker

  7. Thomas Mullin says:

    It had a flamethrower!! How out of the blue was that? Not to mention that Irish cop….he was scary as hell, all fire and brimstone!

  8. Dave Hobbs says:

    For me the best feature of L.A. Noire has got to be the incredible face modelling work that has gone into the game. I can instantly recognise the different actors cameoing in the game (including that mind reading constipated looking guy from Heroes), so that’s a massive bonus for me. I always find playing L.A. Noire is more like playing a film than anything else, especially with all the back-story and butting of heads between other detectives you get with each case.

    That and this awesome car I was lucky enough to get the other day: http://twitpic.com/5w2b74

  9. Pete says:

    I really enjoy the setting and atmosphere of the game.

    Twitter: @Ninja__Noodles

  10. Mr. Chris says:

    I really enjoyed watching some of the videos on how LA Noire was made…including one where they showed how they captured facial expressions using multiple camera angles. This game is truly a work of art, and it’s got a great story line! Thanks for the contest and an opportunity to win!!!

    Twitter: @PriusGuy2004
    RTed: https://twitter.com/#!/PriusGuy2004/status/95823523032993792

  11. Joe says:

    I love the interrogations. Even though they can get repetitive. Plus love the Noire world. @Joco182

  12. Richard B says:

    I love the way you have to work out whether someone is lying or not. Not always easy though. Great game.

  13. Fred H says:

    I dont know what it is about this game, but I just want it. I dont have it, but the detective aspect of it seems so different than everyday shooters you see in todays games.

  14. Ryan says:

    I haven’t played L.A Noire yet but when I watched gameplay videos of it I loved how for some reason when you crashed a car it liked bounced for some reason instead of running into the wall, also love the graphics and the gameplay! @WeeRyzer (the crazy DiRT/Codies fan)

  15. @mysticfail says:

    I honestly can’t say what I liked best because I haven’t had the good fortune to be able to obtain it yet (thats why I’m entering). What I can say is what I look forward the most about it, which is the unique nature of the game. There hasn’t been a good investigative game that I can think of in many years, and from everything I have heard this is the pinnacle.

    Thanks for the chance


  16. Rob Hestar(★♋) (@Hestar69) says:

    Some of my favorite shows ever are detective type shows (psych,case closed,Monk).So it was awesome to get to find the clues myself and interrogate people and see who was lying to me.Watching every little single movement on there face and thinking “ohh crap are they lying,they have to be,or do I doubt them?”..truly one of the best games this gen imo.. @hestar69

  17. louiedog says:

    I love the atmosphere and world they’ve created. There aren’t a lot of games from that period and none are anywhere near that well detailed.



  18. eugaet says:

    I’m one of those gameplay > graphics types, but my favorite thing about LA Noire is the facial animation tech. The gameplay would have suffered greatly had it not been for MotionScan, the game just wouldn’t have worked. It was great to see the actors’ performances come through so vividly.
    Twitter: @eugaet_aux
    RT’d here: https://twitter.com/eugaet_aux/statuses/95942234322649088

  19. Craig Kirby says:

    I liked the fact the game felt like you were part of a movie, When I first played the game I was so engrossed I played for a full 18 hours straight and loved it.

  20. Bipple says:

    My favorite part about LA Noire was when…. oh wait I have never played it. So this would work out perfectly for me. In fact, anyone who has played the game is a douche for entering to win a game they already most likely own. Thanks alot your selfish mother….. you get my point


  21. Lisa says:

    I love the setting and concept of the game. The whole style/theme is incredible and enthralling. @AbsoluteLisa

  22. Jennifer F says:

    I’m probably not playing it right, but I think my favourite part is crashing into the hot dog vendors. Twitter: Ch1nUp

  23. Nicole says:

    I loved looking for all the cars that was soooooooo fun not really lol but the game was great and the facial recognition was awesome definately made the game interesting and never boring and this is an awesome prize thanks for the chance to win would love to play htru again on xbox this time around <3<3<3 Twitter @Nikibaby219

  24. VeridisQuo1 says:

    My favorite thing about LA Noire is the revolutionary motion capture technology used for the faces. It definitely brings story telling to a whole other level, especially since with this new tech it gives the characters in the story more soul to it’s performances therefore making it hit home for a lot of us gamers.



  25. @CRYSTALmse says:

    I love how you gotta tell if someones practicing their best poker face ! x

  26. dazzadavie says:

    I borrowed it from my brother-in-law and I have to say the bit a loved is the end, really wasn’t expecting it!!


  27. Talus says:

    Facial animations simply blew me away. I won’t be able to watch in-game cutscenes the same way again. Hope this tech disseminates quickly.


  28. kapzer says:

    Simple answer….L.A. I love the setting, the depth, the immersion. I truly felt lost in the game world. Even if it does not accurately depict L.A. it is more than good enough to make you feel like you’re there in the heat of it. Simply put, when a game is able to immerse you like that, there is truly some great design.

  29. Lamargo says:

    I love the part of the game that I haven’t seen yet, as I haven’t played the game yet, hence me wanting to win this prize! :D
    If I had played it, I would probably be quite taken back by the performance capture work though. Stellar stuff.



  30. Gary Wigley says:

    Gota say the realness of the charecters and grafix was stunning, loved the game play and the end was a++ @wigelz

  31. Mike says:

    I love the way Phelps smacks his lips before every sentence. That and how Rockstar pulled another epic game out the bag which is a kind of modern take on the old point n’ click adventures (in my opinion). The pass is a great way of delivering the DLC too.


  32. Simon T says:

    My favourite part of LA Noire is when all the aliens jump out of the closet at the surprise party and Phelps has to clean up all the mess after them before Rusty gets back. Also the bit with the killer sharks.

  33. Thanou says:

    i love the gameplay and the cutscenes!

    twitter: n0udles

  34. Milly says:

    I loved the nostalgia of point-and-click adventures mixed with a great plot, next-gen graphics and decent third-person combat!


  35. Milly says:

    I also loved the motion-capture work for the faces – amazing stuff!


  36. Milly says:

    And the killer sharks! Who would have guessed they’d be the ones behind the Black Dahlia killings? Inspired! :P


  37. Elisabeth says:

    I’ve actually never played L.A. Noire before, but I’m sure I will enjoy it when I do! :)

  38. Elisabeth says:

    I follow on twitter @egood33 and tweeted: http://twitter.com/#!/egood33/status/97458604348686336

  39. Knikitta says:

    I love how it felt like you were in an old Movie, being a lover of anything 40s and 50s and also completely addicted to detective shows/movies just made the whole game even more fun for me!

  40. Ian says:


    I liked the crime scene and the interrogation, shame about the on foot controls, usual R* failings.

  41. mynameisblair says:

    My favourite thing about L.A. Noire is that I had the ending spoiled for me… and I haven’t played it yet.


  42. Neo-Ravager says:

    I’m sorry, but how am I supposed to tell you what I enjoyed most about LA Noire when I’m trying to win a copy of the game from you because I didn’t have the chance to play it before?

    The only thing I already know is, that I’ll tremendously enjoy the acting of Aaron Staton as the main character ‘Cole Phelps’ because he’s from one of my most favorite TV series of all time ‘MAD MEN’. And since LA Noire is placed in a similar time setting I expect his performance to be on pair with his role in ‘MAD MEN’. Oh yeah and Greg Grunberg is always fun to watch as well.

    Tweeted here:



    PS: Thank you very much for doing this because with all the triple A games coming out over the next months I simply won’t have the financial means to get LA Noire myself no matter how bad I actually want to play it!

  43. Keklar says:

    I was really impressed by the graphics, especially the facial animations. Made the game a lot more engrossing.

  44. Mark R MarkuzR says:


    You could just have made something up. We DO actually say that it doesn’t have to be serious, as I’m sure you’re aware that there are no killer sharks in it even if you’ve not played it? It’s more about getting people involved than looking for accuracy, so it’s all good!

  45. Oooh nice! haven’t seen a contest for this game in awhile! thanks for the stuff! I enjoyed the part of the game that made you think before you accused or questioned someone. I think that it would be cool to have Kinect incorporated into the game, imagine being able to grab an item to use it as evidence!


  46. and as you can see via the twitter link, my account there is @walllessfury

  47. Neo-Ravager says:


    What!? NO KILLER SHARKS!? Thanks for ruining my day!

    Are there at least mutated and ill tempered Sea Bass in LA Noire?


  48. Mark R MarkuzR says:

    I love sea bass… now I want it for dinner. I drove past an aquarium at one point, so there MAY have been some mutated sea life, like Blinky the three eyed fish.

  49. Neo-Ravager says:


    “Oh well, that’s a start.”

  50. Chronorayven says:

    I’d have to say seeing the facial expressions in the game characters are so life like that it freaks me out. :P

    Twitter: @Chronorayven

  51. Ryan Holt says:

    Funny comments about driving are my favorite. When you crash in to someone your partner always has a comment. Brings down your star rating for that case but its funny

  52. Ryan Holt says:

    Funny comments about driving are my favorite. When you crash in to someone your partner always has a comment. Brings down your star rating for that case but its funny.


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