Memento Mori 2 Announced For Q4 Release

Cinematic point and click adventure Memento Mori 2 has, today, been officially announced for a Q4 release.  After catching a glimpse of some poster art on many months ago, there was no question that a sequel to the successful first title was on the way – the biggest question would be whether or not it would ever make a UK release.  However, Lace Mamba Global have announced that they will be taking up the publishing reins for the second title – having also been behind the first one – and it is firmly on course for an end of year release.

The original Memento Mori was hailed for not only it story, but the visuals too – something which developer Centauri Production is aiming to up the ante on this time around, with a new dedicated 3D engine.  Memento Mori’s protagonists, Lara and Max make a return, and the game will kick off with the duo lending a hand to apprehend an art thief, leading to a high speed chase with terrible consequences.

The game will be spread out over eight chapters, with three playable characters and boasts more than fifty locations, from Cape Town to Lyon, Finland, and San Francisco.  With the first title still on the to-play pile of some of the GLHQ staff, we’d better get our skates on because the adventure line-up for the Autumn/Winter is starting to fill up.  Now we just need to cross our fingers for the elusive Harvey’s New Eyes…

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