Deadly Premonition Comes To Xbox Live

Few games have polarised critics as much as the weird, cult game Deadly Premonition.  While some thought it was utter shite and awarded it doozys like 2/10, others gave it top marks; it truly was one of those games that everyone had to try for themselves.  Now, it seems that more folk will have the chance, thanks to it arriving on Xbox Live on 5th July as part of the Games on Demand service.  GL writer Iain reviewed it way back in November for the Xbox360 and had some interesting things to say, sparking interest among many of the writers.

Deadly Premonition is an open-world game, set in a secluded town called Greenvale which has been rocked by the brutal and ritualistic murder of a young woman.  You play as FBI Special Agent Francis York and are tasked with unravelling the mystery and catching the dangerous ‘Raincoat Killer’.  Greenvale, however, appears to be no ordinary North Western town (and York no ordinary detective ).  The player will encounter oddball townsfolk, supernatural creatures, and of course, York’s own oddness.  He communicates with his imaginary partner Zack, by talking into his sleeve. He can also apparently read the future in his coffee. Can’t we all.

Deadly Premonition is developed by Access Games and published by Rising Star games.  It will be released onto Games on Demand on 5th July.

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