Sims 3: Generations Teen Screens and Details

Anyone who is a fan of Sims 3 will be more than aware of the upcoming expansion pack, Sims 3: Generations.  While some folk (including an un-named person here at GLHQ) will be puffing about it not being Sims University/Pets/Magic/Witchfinder General/Kinks and Hijinks, etc, others are looking forward to the more sedate sounding ‘family oriented’ pack.  Sims 3: Generations will be opening up and expanding upon the life of players’ Sims, from early childhood to old age, filling in each generation with a host of new interactions, activities, moodlets and gameplay features.

Teenagers will be able to pull pranks, earn punishments, and attend proms, while adults can party hard at new parties or suffer from mid-life meltdowns.  Of course, the kids get it the easiest, with a life full of tree-houses and imaginary friends.  That these delights are just for kids, however, does suck – a quick poll at GLHQ revealed that the majority of adults still secretly crave a tree-house.  Doubly so if it is pirate themed.  Lee even still has an imaginary friend.  Those who scoffed at the suggestion of a leafy, treetop pirate galleon with built-in wine cooler have been fired.

The latest info to come from EA focuses largely around the wayward teenage years, with a great deal more information regarding specific interactions, so we thought we’d share.  We’re nice like that.

So your teens can pull pranks?  Yep, the mischief includes:

  • Adding hair-dye to an unsuspecting Sims’s shower
  • Tinkering with the toilet to have it explode in the face of the next Sim to flush
  • Releasing frogs in the school science class
  • Setting booby traps (we’re guessing that the flaming bag of dog shit seen in the trailer would be among these)

So, there must be consequences?  Yes.  Supernanny Jo Frost will smother all offenders with her ample but admirable bosom.  Okay, so she won’t, but there will be consequences, including a slap,  good old fashioned birching a telling off, being put into ‘time out’, getting grounded, and, worst of all… having their video game privileges revoked.  Now that is harsh.

So what else can these darlings get up to, aside from squabbling with siblings, and sneaking out for a swift snog?  Well, they can suck up to their beleaguered parents to get back in their good books by doing chores, but the main thing seems to be the introduction of the Prom.  Yes, that most fluffy, American of traditions has infiltrated the Sims world, with the annual rite of passage providing moments of awkwardness, social terror, and popularity contents.  Personally we’re crossing our fingers for a ‘Carrie’ moodlet here at GLHQ, but somehow, unless it falls to the ingenious modders out there, it won’t be happening.  Still, those evil Sim players among us (*cough* Lorna *cough*) can rejoice at the rejection, disappointment, and date ditching/heart breaking that will be possible/likely.

Revel in these new screens, enjoy some old ones and pencil in the 3rd of June for the expansion’s release.


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